Friday, March 20, 2009

Breaker, breaker: We have a winner

Thursday night was the 6th annual Truck Writers of North America (TWNA, pronounced "tuna") awards for trucking journalism. I'm proud to tell all OOIDA members - and if you aren't, why not? - that Land Line Magazine took home the top award for magazines for its March-April issue (big cover story asks "When does the truck start driving you?"). The magazine team took home a slew of other awards leading up to the big one. To even be considered for the top category, entries had to score 98 or above out of a 100-scale.

AND not to be outdone, the Land Line Now radio team bagged the top award for radio journalism for the "Run for the Wall" story about the annual Rolling Thunder commemoration of MIAs. The radio team also took home enough wall plaques to ruin the acoustics in the broadcast booth.

I'm sure the official announcement will be up shortly, but if you're just waking up and reading this, you can sit a little taller in your seat and maybe flash your OOIDA badge around.

Since most of my contributions consist of what a friend of mine calls the hunting of the snarky, it was really great to hitch a ride to glory with the folks who do the really heavy hauling at the magazine and radio.

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