Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The calm before the storm

One of the big perks to being media at the Mid-America Trucking Show is the seemingly all-access preview to the show.

Sure, you have to navigate your way around boxes being unloaded into booths. You become a bit noise numb from the dull roar of banging hammers and pallets hitting the floor.

But, it’s all worth it. You see it all come together. You get the lay of the land before the mob hits. You get a peek at the trucks, the lights, the chrome. It’s all there for the eyeballing. You are “in the know” from the get-go.

It’s quiet now with the lone exception of the low hum of a vacuum cleaner off in the distance.

The booths are pristine. The swag is neatly lined up ready for eager MATS goers to grab on the run. Exhibitors are off for the night. They are in pre-game mode – eating dinner, ironing their logo wear or maybe already in the sack.

This is my second favorite part of the show – soaking it all in before anyone else gets the chance.

My favorite part? That’s tomorrow. When everyone is here soaking it all in with me.

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