Monday, March 16, 2009

Cruising on in

I have left behind mid-70s Florida weather. I also parked my Kenworth, instead opting to drive my car (although not the midlife crisis Corvette I was thinking about buying). Suffice it to say that a twin-turbo BMW convertable is slightly quicker than the '65 Corvair Monza of my youth. If I hear one person utter the words "Spoiled Brat," I'm coming after you with a Tony Soprano attitude (just kidding by the way).

Several things came to mind on my ride up through Montgomery, Birmingham and Nashville. Fewer trucks. Fewer loaded trucks. More empty flatbeds. Fewer cops and closed scales. Some of which can be faulted to the jilted economy. Some, perhaps, due to budget cutbacks. I personally cannot remember when the nothbound Tennesee Coops on I-65 were locked up. Kentucky too.

Several other things came to mind on the ride up. Truckers have not forgotten courtesy or road manners. Every driver that I flashed over to make a pass, gave the binkie-blinkie back to me, a 4-wheeler. Several waved a thanks when I passed them by after they fell back into the right lane. One actually gave me the lights in appreciation and I returned the favor.

Presently, I am holed up in the Ramada in Bowling Green, Kay Why. Looked like a good place to take a break, grab a cold one and make a Pork Chop Diary entry. It is, although I hit it on one of those karaoke nights at the bar. Bless their lil pea-picking-hearts, as Tennessee Ernie Ford used to say, no one in this little burg can sing a dang lick. I mean, being only an hour north of Nashville, it is hard to believe something is lost in the vocal gene pool only that close to The Opry. And to think that the only thing separating me from stardom and local adulation is two shots of bourbon and remembering the lyrics to Bob Segar's "Turn the Page." Darn. Missed my shot and so close to Nashville.

Up early to make the trek to Mecca. With a clear head, no bad karaoke memories (of my own) and the likelihood of some darn fine weather. Might even put the top down, crank up Dave Nemo on the Sirius/XM and cruise on in. Man ... this is gonna be good.

See y'all in Lou-uh-vull

Dave Sweetman


  1. Ahhhh.... road trips. Gotta love those when you're not working behind the wheel. Have fun in Louisville and take pictures for me!

    Lady Frog

  2. Thanks for letting me take the cool car for a spin Dave!
    Me 50 and you ... a lot older [grin] looked cool racing around the fairgrounds like a couple old kids.

    Was nice to everyone working so hard Tuesday for the big opening day on Thursday.

    IRR (Tim)