Monday, March 16, 2009

Jonesin' for som poke chops

Ok, Kids.

Time to get my feet wet. After changing passwords, challenging the mind-set of the online Poke Chop Diary security watchdogs, I am here.

I am here to spread mirth, chortles and chuckles.

Few who know me would have a clue as to how long I have waited to use such a silly and useless phrase grouping. And, to the editors and wordful watchdogs out there in Land Line Land, I promise to be mindful of my postings. And believe me when I say, I shall be on my best behavior, report fairly, cleanly and with the utmost reverence.

I also have some dandy beachfront property in Kingman, AZ.

So much for the brief introduction to those who are garnered with the task of trying to keep me on the straight-and-narrow.

What we really need are trucks. Big trucks, diesel trucks, gas trucks, electric trucks. Show trucks, trucks with duct tape, ugly trucks with a missions, beautiful trucks with no mission.

I am jonesing for trucks. See ... I have missed MATS for two years, for no bigger sins than poor health on my part and poor health on my Mother's part. TWO YEARS!

I have missed out on poke chops and catfish. I have missed out on the polishing lot and all the dirt (pardon the pun) of the show-off trucks and truckers. I have missed out on the trinkets and swag that the vendors and exhibitors give out. I have missed out on seeing the guy stick the "Wide Load" mini stickers on his wife's butt ... only to see him later get a whack when she finds it.

I have missed MATS, and my jonesing is about to end. I need me some trucks. I need me some truck show madness. I need me some truck peeps. And, it's not all about getting, 'cause Dave has some surprises up his sleeve. But, I can't tell you now. You have to wait and see.

Happy Trails and I'll see you in the Derby.

Dave Sweetman


  1. Pork chop. I can has?

  2. Send one way down south please, I'll kindly repay you on Tuesday ;)

  3. We need us some pictures!