Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shining Off

The sun has set and the last wisps of barbecue smoke have risen as an offering to the gods of grilling. As Sunday dawns, the reserved parking lots around the Kentucky Expo Center begin to empty as exhibitors and vendors load up their RVs and move out. Over the next couple of days, the Center's halls will echo with the sound of hammers, forklift motors  and backup warning beeps as the exhibits come down and return to their crates. 

For the most part the show was blessed with great weather, good news for the Pride and Polish and NAST competitors who spent days wiping and cleaning and buffing - rinse and repeat - to make a run for prizes and the amazed gapes of onlookers. 

Before I left, I spent some time draining my camera battery to share with you, as well as my friends who don't know much if anything about trucks and certainly not about truck beauty shows. The raw footage is posted in a set on Flickr. com at 

So until next time, be safe, make money and get home soon.

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