Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Press Day: Band on the run

We're here in Louisville this morning and the weather is perfect. Trees in blossom everywhere. The first wave of OOIDA folks, including Land Line and Land Line Now crew, drove across Missouri yesterday, through Illinois, Indiana and into Kentucky.

On the way, we passed by Mount Vernon, IL, and cruised by those sprawling truck stops located along I-57 and I-64. There's a Pilot Travel Center, a Travel Center of America and a Hucks Travel Center, all located at Mount Vernon’s Exit 95. You may recall that last summer Land Line reported that Mount Vernon decided to impose an additional 2-cent-per-gallon diesel tax back in July. Diesel. NOT GAS. Huge numbers of our readers promptly crossed off that Illinois oasis as a favorite stopping point.

Well, that ordinance is still in effect. The word is that the City Council plans to use the money gleaned from the pockets of truckers for a new overpass interchange project.

Yesterday, we did our part and boycotted the fuel pumps. Mount Vernon City Council can cop the cash from somebody else. By the way, we noticed the price of diesel at Huck's was $2.02.

MATS officially begins tomorrow, but for many today is a booked-solid day. People are setting up booths, polishing show trucks ... and for the media it's Press Day.

Today, OOIDA's media gang is kind of a band on the run. Senior Editor Jami Jones and I, along with Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson, our field editor Suzanne Stempinski, and writer/columnist Dave Sweetman have our assignments lined out. We'll be scribbling and blogging as the industry newsmakers brief us, trot out new products, and clue us in on emerging technologies. We'll ferret out what you want to know and bring you the hottest of the hot. Our Land Line Now radio crew is already all over the place. I saw Mark Reddig and Barry Spillman early this a.m., on the run, dragging equipment, grabbing sound bites.

I'm off to see what Mack Truck is up to. We're your eyes and ears. More later.

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