Thursday, March 19, 2009

Steve, is that really you?

It's sure fun gabbing with old friends. Some of these OOIDA members I have not seen in a while, others I have known for years and NEVER seen face-to-face. Sometimes it's just fun to see their kids and how much they've grown.

Last night I was hanging out on the front sidewalk down here, watching press people gathering to head over to the International event at Freedom Hall -- see Jami's post for video clips.
Dave Sweetman and I bumped into Dennis Mitchell, wife Barb and son Stephen. The Mitchells are from Blissfield, MI. Dennis has been a member of OOIDA since 1997.

It's always good to see the Mitchells, but I was amazed to see their son Stephen. Sweetman and I both gasped the corny old "Oh my God you're all grown up" line before we could think of anything cooler.

Steve is ONE neat young guy. He has his own design and fabrication business, owns three trucks of his own. He's an OOIDA member, too. He whipped out his business card and gave us each one.
One of the most interesting comments from Steve was regarding his favorite new Land Line feature, "Journeys," where OOIDA members share old stories of the road and trucking.

Steve really liked a recent one by Bob "Cowpoke" Martin. I was impressed. I mean, here's a young guy who is really into the culture of trucks -- including the history. He thinks it is VERY important that these stories be "archived" to be handed down to younger generations. And he for one really likes to hear it TOLD, not sterilized, but told in the words of the teller.

Thanks, Steve. We are all ears for comments like yours and those from more of OOIDA's young guns. Wait until you read the May "Journeys" ...

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