Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's great to be back

Here's what I love about Looavull ... everything! The drive down I-65 was sunny and beautiful. Spring is in the air. It's about renewal. The cycles of nature, the cyclical natures of business and our industry. From a frostbit winter of frustration and challenges, I'm beginning to see an emergence. The grass is greening, flowers are budding. I believe in recovery.

My car took me on autopilot to the show truck prep lot first. Washing, waxing, polishing. More hardworking trucks and their drivers transforming into gleaming displays of proud beauty. My heart sings with anticipation.

The hugs, the camaraderie, the opportunities. I've spent much of my adult life immersed in trucking. MATS is always the biggest, the grandest, the first. New products, old friends and yet-to-be's.

This morning I'm immersed in press conferences: braking technology, lights and more lighting technology. Hang on to your hats, folks: 7-inch LED head lights from TruckLite. They dazzle.

But wow, wow and more wow. Grote just introduced LightForm - incredibly thin and flexible LED lighting that bends and can be shaped and has so many potential applications my head is spinning. Interior and exterior applications. It will come in a variety of forms with colors red, blue, green, amber, white. Limitless possibilities.

Coming up ... more truck stuff and show trucks and people with great stories to share.

I'm home.

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  1. Great post. I can't be there but I feel like I'm there. My wife wants me to take a week off next year and take her there. She is really excited already.
    Thanks again
    Bill..Springfield, OR